Virtual Pre-School: Lockdown THREE

Story Time with Sarah and Ginger

Sandra's Hungry Caterpillar

Instructions for making the caterpillar and butterfly . . . .

Orla's Sensory Activity

Mary's Chinese Lantern Activity

Mary's Bubble Snake Experiment

Lorraine's Ice Cream Bread

Lorraine's Ice Cream Bread instructions in Word Format, just in case it's easier to read!
lorraines ice cream bread complete (2).d
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Lorraine's Bird Feeders

Lorraine's Lunch Time Special

Lisa's Art Activity

Amanda's Homemade Rubbery Goup

Sandra's Brown Bear Story

Mary's Skittles Experiment

Aishling's Activity

Orla's Spring Activity

Mary's Marvellous Ice Cream

Sara's Activity

Virtual Pre-School: Lockdown One

Here's another very interesting resource for preschoolers and older children from the Novak Djokovic Foundation.  

13. Sheilas Sensational Pizzas

12. Lorainne's Experiment

What's needed 

Large wine or gin glass 

Half fill with cooking oil 

Add a little water 

Using a droplet add some drops of food colouring. 

Then for the adult add alka seltzer tablet


11. Lorainne's Fruit Kebabs


Fruit kebabs  for lunch 

Wash and use variety of fruit at home 

Don't forget to wash your hands 

What's needed 

Skewer sticks cut in half as they are long 

Bend ends as they can be spiky 

Variety of fruits

Adults cut large fruit into chunks 

 Let children add fruit onto skewers with adult supervision.

 Enjoy exploring  taste buds 

10. Liza's Art Activity - Binoculars

PowerPoint Format
art activity finished.pptx
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9. Orla’s Pebble Painting Activity

art activity finished_0000007.jpg
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Orla's Pebble Painting Activity
View the online slideshow or download in Powerpoint format here.
Orla Beach.pptx
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8. Amanda's Awesome Moondough

7. Mary's Magic Trick AND Making ICE Paints.

In the Video the BIG question is HOW DOES MARY DO IT? 

A small clue - LOOK very hard at the cups!!!

6. Mary shows how to make a Face Mask

5. Yvonne's Yummy Treats

Welcome to Day 5 of Ballincollig Early Years Virtual Preschool. Today we are working with Yvonne to me Yummy Treats. You can view the instructions in the slide show below. Or, if you have the right software, you can download the original in Powerpoint - in which case you get builds and sounds.  

Yvonne's Yummy Treats in Powerpoint format.
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 509.6 KB

4. Paula's Parrot

Hi boys and girls, I hope you are all good. Today we are going to do an arts and crafts activity. As you might have guessed from the title it’s a parrot. To make the parrot you will need:

    1)   Scissors

   2)   Paint/Crayons

   3)   Paint Brush

   4)   Glue

   5)   Kitchen roll cardboard

   6)   Googly eyes

   7)   Feathers


Paula's Parrot - In Microsoft Word format if you prefer to the slide show.
Paula's Parrot.docx
Microsoft Word Document 2.1 MB

3. Mary’s Marvellous Purple Playdough

  1.  This is the cheap salt I’ve used.
  2. I’ve used this cup but any cup or glass will do 
  3. Some say glitter isn’t a essential but for Mary, oh yes it is! 
  4. Any flour can be used 
  5. Any oil can be used - sunflower, vegetable, baby oil, whatever is in the cupboard.
  6. This is the food colouring I’ve used but you can use literally anything to colour the boiling water. A Teabag makes a great burnt orange colour! 
  7. Cream of Tartar makes the Playdough long lasting, without it the Playdough starts to smell after a few days.
  8. Ta-dah! Our finished product! :) 

2. Aishling’s Amazing Circle Time

1. Orla's Outer Space Adventure

The slide show will advance automatically, but you can stop at any time - just click/touch the Pause Icon (II).

If you prefer you can download a powerpoint of the same materials (below). 


Orla's Outer Space Adventure in Powerpoint format.
Orla's Outer Space Adventure.pptx
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